Friday, August 22, 2008

Milestones abound!

Woke up this morning to discover Victoria had a new tooth! Explains the excessive biting lately, the runny nose and overall crankiness at times! It's funny, by now Trevor had 8 teeth, and here she is just bringing in #3. Amazing how two kids can be so different!

This afternoon, she decided she could finally pull herself up to a standing position! Watch out world, here she comes! Didn't we just bring her home from the hospital? What is she doing standing up already? So not fair!

But, as if standing up wasn't enough - she decided to start cruising around - sometimes letting go - which always resulted in a tumble on her butt! LOL!!

I am so not ready for this - where has my baby gone?

I swear I was just complaining cause she was kicking the crap out of my uterus and now here she is ever so close to walking! Why is it that pregnancy seems to last forever and a day, and yet once they are here, time flies...why can't it be the other way around?

Here she is standing at my stuff to sell on EBAY...(hey, anyone need baby clothes? lol)

And here she is when she decided she could dive in head first! LOL!

(*No babies were hurt in the filming of this picture! LOL!)

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