Monday, August 25, 2008

Updates and Lack of Organization

Do people today lack organizational skills?

Trevor is due to start Head First PreSchool next week - September 2nd. I went to the orientation in July, and was told I'd get a call the first week of August letting me know if he was in the morning or afternoon class, what time the bus would pick him up/drop him off, etc. Here it is the last week of August, and I had still yet to get that call. So last week I called and left a message - nothing! Today I call and leave a message! Then I come across the number for the actual center - so I call - speak to a lady who tells me she is just typing out the information right now as we speak and she is going to get it in the mail tomorrow. Why not just wait till the night before?! Geesh - nothing like keeping people waiting! Why aren't people more organized? I think parents should be kept in the know and not left waiting to find out when their child will be going to school.

Also, I decided today to call down to Bangor - namely the clinic that Trevor is supposed to have his evaluation at. A lady calls me back and we chat - going over Trevor's other evaluation with Child Development Services, and such. And we've come to the conclusion that he can probably get by with a smaller team evaluation instead of making him wait till next year because they are so booked. So she gave me her direct number and is going to talk to her peers about getting him in for this smaller eval. If they find he needs the other evals done, they will try to find people closer to home (for us) to do it, rather than making us come back down to Bangor again. Finally I feel like I am getting some where. I just wish it wouldn't have taken this long - I've been waiting for this since the first of June!

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