Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I seriously messed up in life, when I didn't go to school to become a dentist! I mean, have you ever found a dentist who works 5 days a week? I've yet to come across one around here, that's for sure! Monday - Thursday! Must be nice to have a year round 3 day weekend!

So Head Start requires a dental exam within 90 days of starting school. So they give me a list of dentists in the area - and so begins my frustration. Only two are located in our city. I call - neither one is taking new patients! I call the next closest one - nope! I call the rest of the list and the best I can get is to be put on a waiting list for a dentist an hour away! Give me a break! Perhaps is they worked more than 3-4 days a week, they could be able to take new patients!

I spoke with the lady at Head Start today and she says she can recommend someone but she is 2 to 2.5 hours away! WHAT?! You want me to travel in the winter (let's face it, here in Northern Maine, it's quickly approaching) 2.5 hours to a dentist? Oh I don't think so! This whole thing is absurd!

I am so over this place!

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