Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School!

Today was Trevor's first day of preschool. It was so hard this morning not to cry, even when driving him there. It seems like just yesterday I gave birth to this precious lil guy, and I remember thinking about the first day of school and when the day would come....and here it was, and it all just happened way too fast.

Trevor looked oh-so-handsome this morning - his little khaki shorts and plaid shirt - such a big boy!

It took a while for Trevor to warm up this morning - I think it was a touch overwhelming for him at first. Finally after a while, he let his guard down and started participating. They made some playdough and then he painted a picture...and had some snacks...and then went onto the playground.

Trevor apparently is the oldest of the kids in the class, at 4.5 yrs - he towers over the other children, who all appear to be 3 yrs old.

We had the opportunity to stay and observe, and must admit that after the day was done and over, and we felt that this may not be the ideal situation for Trevor. It seemed like a big free-for-all with little to no direction - they took the kids out to the playground and there was kids of all ages - what I would guess to be about 15 mths old up to Trevor's age - you can't put children of these age groups together on a playground. Then Trevor's teacher, stopped to go talk to some man at the fence...like I said, it just seemed like a big free-for-all. One aide was busy carrying around her own child the whole time. If you know Trevor, you know that Trevor LOVES the playground, but today he actually asked us to go home - that is a first!

I have called the actual school district and found out they are full in their preschool classes...so our only option is to keep him in Head Start or put him in private preschool or take him out ....I guess at this point, we'll keep him in and see how things go, but I have no problem pulling him out if I feel this isn't working for him. He really seemed bored today! He is a child who needs to be challenged, and my fear is he won't be getting that at Head Start. Honestly, it seemed like glorified babysitting.

But alas, without further ado....here are some pics from this morning:

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