Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sick of it!

So with 50 some odd days left till the presidential election, I can honestly say I am positively sick of the circus that ensues! I am tired of the crap that is being slung back and forth - there isn't a party out there who is immune to it - they are all guilty of it.

Dem or Repub, no one is innocent.

It scares me to think that there are people out there who will vote for McCain soley based on his running mate being a woman. Gender should not be what people base their decision on. And on the flip side, it scares me to think that people will vote for Obama soley based on the fact he is black. Gender and race should not play a part in how people vote? What happened to voting based on the candidates platform? For voting based on your beliefs? It is 2008 and we have people choosing the next candidate because one wears skirts and the other isn't white?! That is totally absurd to me.

I for one, can say with confidence, when I go to the polls this November, my vote will be cast based on what I believe, the changes I want to see take place, and who I feel can best do the job for our country.

I am afraid whoever does win, will have been chosen for all the wrong reasons though and where will our country be then?!

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