Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sickness ....

Let's see, Friday I started with the sniffles, which quickly became a full blown cold by Saturday morning! Oh joy! You know since I moved up here to no mans land, I've had three of these colds - I am so over this! Tell me it ain't from stress! As if!

Sunday at noon we noticed Victoria is burning up - like a little furnace! And so began three days of her with a constant fever! Between a call to the peds office at midnight, and alternating Motrin and Tylenol, it still wouldn't break till this evening! She seems like she is getting back to herself finally! Poor lil thing! She's been a lil clingon for three days - ok, so she is normally kinda clingy, but even more so now! LOL!! Tonight she didn't want to go to bed, and that is when I knew my baby girl was feeling better - she just wanted to play! LOL!

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