Saturday, October 25, 2008

1 Month to go!!

Yesterday Victoria turned 11 months old - time sure does fly, eh?! I think back to a year ago this time and how miserable I was - between the sciatic pain, the constant heartburn and peeing, the never ending morning sickness, the lovely swelling of my feet and ankles and of course, the contractions - hard to believe what a difference a year makes!

Victoria is like no baby I've ever known - granted I only have had one other child myself, but I've been around quite a few babies, just in our family alone. I've never seen a baby who was such a spitfire. You know how they refer to the "firey Irish temper"....well let's just say she's got it. I have to laugh though, because as I said, I've never seen a baby so young who could/would get so upset and fired up. She defnitely knows what she likes and what she doesn't like ...and when you do cross her, look out, cause she'll try to bite you! LOL! She just has this larger than life personality. I try to imagine what she'll be like in a couple years or so, and it makes my head spin! LOL!!

And poor Trevor - he has no idea what he is in for once she can fully walk - look out lil buddy, cause sis is going to be all over you and your stuff like you don't know! LOL!

We are planning a small, family get together for Victoria next month - Nov 22nd to be exact. I had wanted to do it at our own house, but with dad as sick as he is, I figured it is best to just do it at moms, so that he can be there. I did so much for Trevor's first birthday, but our financial situation is so much different this time around, that it is next to impossible to do what I did then. It really saddens me too! I know she has no clue, but it still bothers me just the same. I hate that some day we'll look back at all these pictures of Trevor's first birthday and all we did, and then hers and see what we didn't do! UGH!

Last year - 10.31.07 -

Vic - yesterday - 10.24.08 -

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