Friday, October 10, 2008

The Bucket Test

Yep, the bucket test....not the bucket list!

What you ask, is the bucket test?! Well, my friends, the bucket test is this:

Sunday I scrub the kitchen floor - I leave the mop in the bucket sitting there for a bit while the floor dries ...I get busy on other things and addmittedly forget said bucket and mop. Monday comes and its a day from hell - literally - hell - and I tell Karl (the hubby) that I am on the brink of a nervous breakdown and need more help around the house and such. Bucket is still in kitchen, but I figure Karl will be kind enough and smart enough to put it away. Well, here it is Friday, and bucket of dirty water is still in the kitchen. I put the mop away but I left the bucket the whole week to see if he'd finally get the clue....apparently not! Tonight Trevor bumps into the bucket and water splashes out and Karl was standing right there...did he do anything? Nope, he looked down at the floor, seemingly a bit ticked off that his feet were now wet, but continued on doing what he was. I swear if I leave the bucket there, he'll continue to walk past it. I give up! Apparently he thinks he doesn't have to lift a finger around here! Glad I can be not only the wife, but the damn maid as well!

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