Thursday, October 30, 2008


I got the call yesterday - we finally have an appointment to have Trevor's evaluation for Aspergers Syndrome! Finally! I feel like I can breathe a tiny bit of relief knowing that we are finally getting just a bit closer to having some answers. The appointment is going to be Wednesday, November 19th! I hate the fact though, that we have to travel 3 hours (if weather is good) for this and have to leave Victoria for the day, but to have some answers for Trevor will be well worth it.

Today we go to see his regular pediatrician in regards to him hurting himself - make sure he's not got an infection or anything like that.

I guess I hadn't posted about the self injury - so here it is - Trevor has been hurting himself - picking his gums, ears, legs, arms, hands, nose - picking and digging till he bleeds - and then when it does scab over he picks it again to make it bleed, and this just continues over and over. It's been a mess - he's been wiping the blood on his walls, etc. He claims there are bugs biting him and that is why he picks, but we (meaning Karl and I) know there are no bugs on him.

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