Monday, October 20, 2008

Still waiting!

I called down to Bangor last week - to the Developmental Clinic to see when Trevor would be scheduled for his evaluation. I got a call back on Thursday that they have no idea when he'd be scheduled! The deal is, there is only one doctor apparently that can do the evaluation, and her mother is gravely ill, so she is away, and has been for 2+ weeks, and they have no idea when she will return. On top of that, they only do two evals a week, and they don't want any scheduled for December. Now don't get me wrong, I don't hold anything against anyone for taking care of an ailing parent, as I've been going through all this stuff with dad. But I really think there needs to be more than one doctor available to do this type of evaluation. We've been waiting 5 months now as it is, and in the meantime, we know nothing more than we originally did - it's not fair to us or him to not be able to get him the help he needs. I spent most of Thursday afternoon crying! I am beyond frustrated! I need help! I need support!

Thursday night Trevor had another meltdown - it included hitting me, biting me and then telling me he "hopes you die tonight"....nothing you'd want to hear from your 4.5 yr old child. It rips my heart apart to pieces!

I've called his pediatrician to see if she can refer us a different place for evaluation - at this point I am willing to go down to Portland, heck even Boston!

Wednesday afternoon he goes for allergy testing to see if there are any triggers there that aggravate his condition. He's terrified of needles, so I hope this goes ok. I am going to let him take my IPod, so he can listen to music while they do it - I hope that acts like a distraction!

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