Friday, October 3, 2008

Update on the kids!

Victoria had a WIC appointment on Weds this week - she is now 18lbs 4oz and still 27 inches long - guess her height is at a stalemate! LOL!

Trevor had a follow up on his medication on Tuesday this week - he's doing well - we definitely see improvements - not 100% but probably about 80%. And as I've said before, the wonderful thing is, he's still himself. This medication has not taken away the very essence of Trevor at all. He's so funny - the doctor and I are talking about Aspergers and he says, "I don't like ass burgers, I like regular hamburgers!" We about died laughing! He's so funny! The doctor had me contact the school to see how he is doing and I had really hoped it was going well and that maybe we were dreaming all of this - but after talking to the teacher, we have found out he's very quiet for the most part, doesn't socialize - he plays around other children, but doesn't engage them in play or conversation, he's very detailed and very much into structure and routine. I had really hoped he'd gotten into school and would be making friends and having a blast, but that doesn't seem like it's happening. I guess it's just making this all the more real. My heart hurts for him.

I never imagined I'd be in this position - the mother of a child with special needs - I gave birth to this perfect lil guy and foolishly assumed that because he was healthy at birth, that he would always be, but life has a way of throwing a wrench at you at times, and this is definitely one of those times.

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