Sunday, November 2, 2008


We've survived another Halloween - actually this was the first time in a couple years I was able to take Trevor out!

Back in 2006 I was having surgery on Halloween - needless to say I wasn't taking any child Trick or Treating! LOL! Thankfully a family friend was kind enough to take him out for us. Well then last year, I was extremely pregnant (read 36 weeks) with Victoria and going Trick or Treating wasn't on my list of fun things to do when fat and swollen and pregnant! LOL!!

But this year we had Halloween - after much going back and forth debate, he had finally decided that he did indeed want to go - but the kicker was, he wanted to dress as a vacuum - well, creative in some areas I am, however, in concocting costumes, I am not so talented. So I finally convinced him to give another costume some thought, and he decided to be Spiderman. Life is good! Spiderman is available at local stores! Woot! So we go to KMart, and get the costume...and in the closet it goes...till the week before Halloween when I decide that we should try it on to make sure of the fit, and low and behold, it didn't fit! So we take it back to KMart, but of course, they don't have the next size we finally settle on a Star Wars Storm Trooper costume. He wasn't really thrilled with it at first, but what choice did we have with less than a week to Halloween?

And then lil Miss V - she was a butterfly - oh so cute! However, she did not want to keep her head piece on - much like she doesn't like to keep bows in her hair these days either! Oh and did I mention, that Trevor didn't want to wear his mask either? LOL! These two make a great pair! LOL!!

So without further ado, here are some pictures...

Halloween 2008 - Trevor 4.5 yrs and Victoria 11 mths

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