Monday, December 1, 2008

Mommy Confessions - #1

Here it is - something I am going to do every Monday - until ...well I guess until I have exhausted my list of "bad" mommy things!!!

So without further ado, here is numero uno ....

I do not read to my children before bed!

Gasp! Oh the horrors!

I know...I know...they are destined to be in therapy for many years due to my slacker parenting!

Here's the deal - I absolutely love to read - sometimes I'll be reading 3 or 4 different books at once, and I so want my children to take after me when it comes to reading! (No offense to Karl, but he's not into reading like I ya honey, but it's the truth! LOL!)

However, I love our nighttime routine and I don't want to have book reading become a part of it - I don't want it to become a chore, if you will.

Trevor is starting to learn to read himself now - he's recognizing words and such, and so quite often he's "reading" to himself. If he's still awake when Karl gets home, quite often Karl will read to him if Trevor asks. Victoria is only 1 and frankly, at this age, she's much more into eating the books than reading or listening to me read them.

I had a family member recently get all wierd and "shocked" when I said I don't read at night to the kids.

Hey, by all means, I'll read during the day to them, but nightime or rather, bedtime, is working just fine without screwing things up. It's 6:55pm and both of my children are sound asleep - to me that is precious!!!

So there you have it - my "bad mommy" sue me!

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  1. I will join in on the "I do not read to my kids" bandwagon. I never really did. I read to myself all the time. Hubs would rather burn a book then read it. I will gladly share the "bad mommy award" if you like. Ya know, if there are 2 of us maybe it won't seem as bad.