Monday, December 8, 2008

Mommy Confessions #2

Todays Mommy Confession brought to you courtesy of! LOL!

Here goes....I lie to my children! Yep, you read that right! I lie to them! I "lied" and have told them about Santa - my children believe (well more specifically Trevor) believe in Santa Claus.

I've never understood the whole not telling kids cause they'll always think your lying to them...huh?! I believed in Santa growing up and I never assumed that everything else I was told was a lie. So either I am some amazing genius or kids today are messed up!LOL!!

I refuse to deprive my children of one of the fun things about Christmas simply because some people view it as lying to ones children. And frankly if some kid ever spoiled it for mine by telling them that Santa wasn't real, I'd have a face to face - heart to heart talk with the parents of that child. No kid is going to ruin it for my children. I love Christmas and I love the innocence of children at Christmastime. There is enough depresseing stuff in this world without taking away something special and fun like Santa.

So there you have it - I lie to my kids and I have them believing in Santa and they will need therapy for years to come all from my "lie"! LOL!!

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