Monday, December 8, 2008

No faith in me!

I had a couple friends ask me to make Christmas cards for me - more specifically to design them - have them printed, etc.

So I figured I'd put the word out to my sisters, that I am doing so and if they'd like to order let me know and we'd work up a design, etc.

Not one took me up on the offer.

So last week my own cards came in - personally I think that they are beautiful! My mother takes a look at hers and said, that I need to be doing this professionally! I had to laugh - and I said, if my own sisters don't want to order from me and have no faith in my abliites, how am I supposed to go after strangers! HA! Mom said it's cause my family is cheap - could it be? Buy some boxed generic cards or spend a little extra to have a completely customized one of a kind card? To me it's a no brainer!

Oh well - their loss, right?

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