Friday, December 12, 2008

Photoshop will be the death of me....

....of course it's in line with the kids to see who will give me the nervous breakdown and send me to my demise first! LOL!

I am having more issues lately with Photoshop than I care to shake a stick at! I am seriously getting frustrated! There is just no need for this much stress when trying to work on ones hobby - kinda defeats the purpose! Hobby = relaxing....not Hobby = stressed out crazy woman on the verge of a breakdown! LOL!!

So it's being all stupid right now - yes, I know - that is just such a grown up sentence - oh well - sue me ....but all I know is, if I loose the layout I was in the midst of working on, I am going to be severely angry - words will escape my mouth that are not fit to print!

Technology sucks sometimes!

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