Thursday, January 29, 2009

Giada DeLaurentiis and Jennifer Aniston

I am watching the Food Network today - half hearted really - Trevor likes watching it and it's better than some of those annoying kids cartoons. Anyways, Giada is on and she's making this delightful little, yummy looking goodie - she takes a loaf pound cake, cuts it into slices, spreads Nutella on it, (if you don't know what Nutella is, shame, shame on you!), then tops that with slices of strawberries, another piece of pound cake and puts it in one of those panini grills. OMG! It looked divine! Three of my favorites - pound cake - check, strawberries - check, Nutella - check! So I am thinking, I am going to have to make this...and then it hits me like a ton of diet...I can't make I am left to fantasizing about them....sigh.......damn you Giada! LOL! Oh and isn't she just beautiful too? She's only 6 yrs older than me....what is going on...why do I look like such an old hag compared to these women? LOL!

I heard on the radio tonight that Jennifer Aniston is going to be turning 40 I think next month....40....she doesn't look a day over 30....what is this all about? I mean, she's only 7 yrs older than me, and I look about 10 yrs older than her, what gives? I want to look like that when I am 40...crap on a stick...that only gives me 7 yrs to get my act in gear, shape up and become beautiful...that's possible, right? LOL! Again I say, damn you Jennifer!

Day 2

Day 2 of "dieting"...heaven help me! LOL! There is a bag of sugared Valentine's cookies sitting in the cupboard that my mother sent over for the kids - and I would eat one in a heartbeat. Here is the crazy thing - I don't want the cookie per se, I would just eat it to eat it. I hate that about me. If it's in the house, I'll eat it. And they aren't even all that great. I've got brownie and cookie mixes (homemade and store bought) in the cupboard and it would be nothing to go whip up a batch, but I am trying desperately to be sooo good!

Why, oh why was it easier to quit smoking then to loose weight? It bewilders me!

So, I am doing Weight Watchers - I wanted something that was just a matter of lifestyle change - not cutting out whole food groups, or drinking shakes or eating soup nonstop - just something that could be done using every day foods found at any grocery store.

Wish me luck! I think I'll need it! LOL!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Talk about a crappy morning! I woke up to find out it was -32 degrees - oh joy! We got the call around 7am this morning from the bus lady to let us know that the school bus would be 30-60 minutes late because it wouldn't start thanks to the cold. Around 8am, we got another call that the bus wouldn't start still, so the morning session was being cancelled, which meant Trevor would be home today from school.

On top of that, Vicky somehow managed to dislodge the valve in her sippy cup and proceeded to dump a whole cup of milk - which poured out from her booster seat onto the floor. Thank goodness I had put a piece of plastic under her chair last week for such messes!

And then there is the matter of this headache...this massive, pounding headache....couple that with the cold I still have, and well, I feel like taking a hammer to my head - it hurts so much.

Well imagine my suprise this morning to disover I was bestowed an award on my definitely cheered me up and made my morning better! Thanks to House Wife for the award - too cool! How could something like this not cheer a person up?

Now I am going to choose three more people to give this award to and hopefully brighten their day too!

Now I need to explain what this award stands for:
"These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind of bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers.Deliver this award to three bloggers who must choose three more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

So without further ado:

Kerryanne's Family Blog

The sun'll come out...right?

A Mom's Life is Never Dull

Congrats Ladies!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Evil, Evil Rockets"

Trevor is running around singing, "Evil, evil rockets".

You are saying to yourself, "what in the world is that all about?"

Well, that is Trevor's rendition of "We will, we will rock you" LMAO!!!

Oh you got to love kids!!!

So with that I say.....sing it again............

Evil, evil rocket.....evil, evil rocket......sing it again....evil, evil rocket........

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Great news!

Today we had an "exit interview" with the team that did Trevor's evaluation two weeks ago. It went extremely well! First off, I want to say that we both, meaning Karl and I, really felt at ease with these people, they were very thorough, very kind and knowledgeable. And Trevor was also very at ease with them the day of the evaluation.

So today we sat down with 5 people to go over the results from the evaluation. It included a Special Education Consultant, Speech and Language Pathologist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Occupational Therapist. Trevor has very few areas that he is behind in - mostly in the coordination/motor skills types of things. His language and cognitive skills are almost off the charts. They expressed what a smart little boy he is.

Trevor was given the Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals - they wanted his scores to be between 85-115 - well he was almost off the charts!

Core Language Score - 114
Receptive Language Index - 101
Expressive Language Index - 113
Language Content Index - 112
Language Structure Index - 102

As you can see, language really is a stronger area for him.

We've decided to re-evaluate things most likely in May or so, and probably at that time will decide and confirm to send him for summer services, in which he'd attend a developmental preschool for the summer. I think Trevor would greatly benefit from this as opposed to sitting at home all summer. Don't get me wrong, I love having him home, but I think he needs the structure and the challenge that comes from school. He's like a sponge and just soaks up everything around him - he longs to learn.

All in all, it was a great meeting and it was wonderful to hear how well he is doing overall.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Cold ....that's an understatement!

This morning it was -38 when we got up - yes -38F. A little further north of us, was -50F. When I say it was cold, I truly do mean it! My sister from Jersey called my mom this morning and was saying it was cold and 20 degrees...that my friends is a heatwave!

Last night we went to bed with water running slowly in both sinks to prevent pipes from freezing...blankets galore....heat cranking....and me so very sick...fever of 103. Yep, I've been sick again since Wednesday! Sigh! I was burning up like a furnace to the touch, and yet freezing like an ice cube! Fun times!

Tonight we are supposed to get down to around -40 again...good times folks!

On the plus side I had a fabulous dream about Vince Vaughn last night....sigh....let's just say it was one of those dreams that give you the warm fuzzies! LOL!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Pics

My new project!

I frequent several scrapbooking sites - one of them is considered the "hub" of the digital scrapbooking world. They have a thread called, "Gallery Standouts", in which people post layouts that they feel standout. I love this idea but I've noticed, it's dominated by the same people all the time - it's always the same scrapper being highlighted. Don't get me wrong, people are free to choose whoever they please, but I think there are so many awesomely talented scrappers who get overlooked simply because they aren't popular or well known, etc.

I mean heck, I've got layouts in my own gallery that I think are outstanding, but they have no feedback at all. I've gotten accustomed to that now.

But I decided to start making a change - I am going to start choosing two layouts every day to put in the Gallery Standout thread - two layouts that don't have any feedback - by scrappers who aren't as well known and out there, so to speak! I want to brighten the day of two lucky scrappers when they find out their layout in the Gallery Standouts!

So my challenge to you is, to find some way to brighten at least one persons day, every day - pay it forward - make a difference in a strangers life! It doesn't have to be monumental or involving oodles or time or money, but some small gesture that will bring a smile to the face of a stranger. Can you do it?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Layout

I had to come back and post this - isn't it neat?

Credits can be found HERE

Sickies and Spaghetti

Ah - ha...not exactly the combination you'd first think of is it?

Well, Sunday afternoon after church, Trevor started complaining of a headache - he's almost 5 and honestly has hardly ever been sick, save for a few sniffles or a cough here and there. I can count on one hand how many times this child has actually been down and out sick, and I'd still have a couple fingers left over. I didn't realize at the time, that the headache was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg! From there, he started complaining of being so tired, wanting to nap, being cold, etc. Let's just say by the time he went to bed, he had a fever of 101, was burning up, yet cold, and had put himself to bed at 6:30pm. He was up numerous times during the night, needing a drink or comfort of some sort.

Yesterday he spent most of the day either sleeping on the couch or in his bed. This is a child who no longer naps, and yet here he was practically crawling to his room to go back to sleep. Poor lil guy! He didn't eat much of anything, except some chicken noodle soup last night. And once again, he put himself to bed at 6:20pm.

I've already called him out from school for today - as Karl pointed out, it's just preschool - it's not like he's in regular school, besides, he doesn't need to be getting any other kids sick!

So here we are at 3:20am and I am on the computer, blogging away....why you ask? Because the Fabulous Miss V is now getting sick too! She's been kinda out of sorts for a couple days, not napping or rather napping, but in 10 minute increments - hardly enough time to blow ones nose, let alone get much done. She woke up about 1:30am this morning, burning up - after a diaper change and a temp check, she's at 102 herself - so she nursed for a bit, had some water, and was struggling to get back to sleep. I brought her out and put her in the swing and off to la-la land she went. And that is why I am sitting here!

Here's hoping they both feel better soon and that Karl and I don't get whatever it is, they've got going on!

Now, back to the swing for a second - when Vic was about 2 mths old, the swing we had of Trevor's, we went out and bought a new one. And honestly, I was secretly happy because I wanted a pretty pink swing for my baby girl, and wanted one of the new ones that plugged in! So we got this neat swing from Fisher Price and let me tell you, it was honestly the best $100 we spent! Here she is 13.5 mths old, and she can still fit in it - she's actually got 5 more lbs before she reaches the weight limit! We haven't gone through batteries thanks to the handy dandy plug-in feature! And she is pretty much guaranteed to drift off to sleepyland when in the swing! I can't say enough about it! Seriously, if you are in the market for a new swing, the Power Plus Swing is by far the way to go!

On to other news - the spaghetti - actually it's spaghetti sauce! In between a sick child, toddling toddler, and daily housework, I made a batch of my super fabulous spaghetti sauce yesterday! I ended up with enough for 8 meals - woot! Let me tell you, this is the best sauce ever - and I don't say that just cause I make it, it really is absolutely wonderful! We had manicotti last night and garlic bread - can we say "yum"?

Speaking of food, I bought some Chorizo Sausage on Sunday. It is so yummy! It has a bit of a heat to it, but not that overwhelming-want-to-rip-your-eyes-out type of heat! It's very smooth! I plan on using it to mix in with my ground beef and pork when I make meatloaf - I think it will kick it up a notch and give it some pizzazz!!!

And lastly, I am such a sucker for a sale - I was browsing one of the digi scrapping sites I go to prior to blogging and came across a great kit and one thing led to another, and I found it was on sale NOW for $3 - and I just happened to have $3 in my Paypal...and well, you see where I am going with this, right? LOL! My hands are itching as I type to dig into it and start creating some layouts! If you are interested, you can find it at Oscraps.

Live, Laugh, Love by Createwings Designs. Run, don't walk, and go grab it up for yourself!

Oh and I guess this will be my last thing - after taking care of Vic when she woke up - ie, nursing her, changing her diaper, taking her temp and what not, Karl and I were laying there and he said, "you're a good mommy" - such a simple sentance and yet so full of power! It always warms my heart to hear those words!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Avoiding housework like the plague!

So here I sit...avoiding housework like the plague! Don't get me wrong, there isn't a ton, because normally I am really anal about housework, but the kids were playing earlier in the living room and so, it looks a daycare exploded in here. And of course, I have a couple loads of laundry to do, and well, a shower might be nice.

But here I sit with a nice, hot cup of coffee - I am out of half/half and Trevor drank the last of the regular I was forced to scower the the cupboards for some sort of replacement...the horrors! I have a serious coffee addiction that is fueled by the use of the half/half - so to not have any, pretty much qualifies as a disaster in this household. LOL! But there in the back of the cupboard I discovered a can of Evaporated Milk that I was supposed to make fudge with at I shook it up and into the coffee it went....and with much trepidation I took a sip....and low and behold, it was tasty!!! So now, I will keep a can or heck, two, around in the back of the cupboard for these dastardly days when I run out of half/half.

Last night I made chicken cutlets - I sliced them superthin and then coated with I must admit I am not a Shake-n-Bake fan, but I know Karl enjoys it, so I do it. Well, color me suprised but Victoria loved it! Score!!! Another food we can add to the tiny list of foods she'll eat!

Friday, January 9, 2009

So many people in the digital scrapping world, and probably outside it as well, are doing something where they are recording every day life by way of taking one picture a day - the scrappers I know who are doing this, are doing so with the idea they will make an album of 365 pictures.

I'd like to think I was that ambitious, but I admit, I am not! Well, it's not that I am abitious, it's just that I have other things I want to do as well, and comnitting to myself to take one picture a day for the whole year, just seems a bit overkill.

So I said to myself..."self...I can do this and make it work for me..." and hence the 52 weeks idea - so rather than one picture a day, I'll do a picture a week! One picture that highlights our life around here!

So without further ado, since this is the first full week of January - here is my first picture!


Notice how her blue eyes aren't quite as blue anymore - I think she's getting some of her daddys hazel eyes peeking through! She's still beautiful as ever!

A+ EBayer!

I bid on an auction at the beginning of the week - a disney shirt with matching skirt - obviously for Victoria. I won it and paid right away!

I got an email this morning from the buyer aplogizing because as she was about to wrap it up to mail, she spotted a stain that she had missed. So she was emailing me to see if I wanted a 100% refund of my money or %50 and I still get the skirt. So, I told her to go ahead and still send me the skirt and reimburse the 50% and I thanked her for her honesty - because often times I've discovered that people can be less than honest on EBay.

Well she just emailed me back and said she was refunding my 50% and decided to put the shirt in anyways in case maybe I can get the stain out.

These are the types of sellers I want to give my business to! So thank you to the EBay seller who was honest and upfront!

Another Evaluation

Trevor had another evaluation yesterday, only this one was local - he met with a PT, OT, and Speech Pathologist - plus Karl and I go to talk to each of them and discuss things. We go back in two weeks for what they call an "exit interview" to discuss their findings and see what they recommend. All in all, it went really well and I hope this is a start in finding some support for Karl and I.

On the way home, Trevor pipes up and says, "I think they really liked me"! LOL!! He's so cute!


Yesterday Karl was getting dressed and Trevor came up to him, rubbed his belly and told him he had a lot of "texture"...lmao! Leave it to an almost 5 yr old to come up with something like "texture" to explain fat! LOL!! Karl and I about peed our pants laughing!

Anonymous Poster

Thanks for the comment - however, I am a big girl and I can question God and anyone else all I want! If you don't like my negativity, jump ship and stop reading my blog - no one is forcing you! And next time grow a set and don't be a chicken and leave some anonymous comment!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

What is wrong with this world?

Seriously, what is wrong with this world? I am sick of hearing that its a decline in Christianity - you don't need to be a Christian to understand right from wrong. You don't need to be a Christian to know you don't hurt others. It's just basic human decency!

Seems like everyday I am reading more and more about babies/children being abused at the hands of their parents - it sickens me beyond words - and it breaks my heart.

Truthfully, this is one of the major reasons I DO struggle with Christianity - I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the concept of a supreme being - God - who would allow these children to be abused or killed. Often when I have brought this question up, I am told it's cause God gave people free will....well that's all well and good but what the hell about the free will of these babies? They had no choice in the matter! Some asshat comes along and decides to break his 15 mth old sons legs and it's all "free will"....well why does God let the freewill of that asshat trump the life of an innocent child?

I can't embrace the concept of a God who lets these things happen - and if by saying so, I go to hell - then so be it - cause frankly, this world seems like a living hell as it is!

How many more of these stories do we have to read? How many more children are abused or killed at the hand of some lunatic before we find a way to stop it?

Maine man charged with breaking son's legs

By The Associated Press

WATERBORO, Maine — A 21-year-old Waterboro man is in jail for allegedly breaking his 15-month-old son's legs.

The York County Sheriff's Department said Shaun Dubnick-Sadowski was charged with aggravated assault Tuesday night after his son was brought to Goodall Hospital in Sanford.

Sheriff's officials said their investigation revealed that Dubnick-Sadowski twisted the child's legs until he felt them snap, but that he offered no good explanation for his actions.

Officials said the incident happened Sunday while the child's mother was at work. She told investigators that Dubnick-Sadowski at first told her the child fell down and hurt his ankle, and later changed his story to say he fell on the boy while playing.

Officials said the child is still in the hospital and in the custody of the state Department of Health and Human Services. The mother is not expected to be charged.

The real kicker is this tool got out on $500.00 bail - wow - $500. Why bother?

Here's another sicko - this one right from my own backyard practically -

Presque Isle father accused of assaulting 5-week-old daughter

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — A local man was arrested Tuesday after being charged with the aggravated assault of his 5-week-old daughter.

Patrick Bailey, 25, was arrested after a joint investigation by the Presque Isle Police Department and state police Detective Adam Stoutamyer, according to a news release issued Tuesday by Presque Isle police.

In addition, the state Department of Health and Human Services has been notified and is conducting an investigation of its own, police said.

Bailey is scheduled to make an initial appearance today in Caribou District Court.

According to police, the assault occurred on Dec. 3 at the family’s home at 68 Chapman Road in Presque Isle.

Bailey’s daughter remains in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor with what police described as serious internal injuries.

No further information about the infant’s medical condition was available Tuesday night.

Shoot, I've seen animals take better care of their young! It's amazing to me that in order to adopt a cat, dog, guinea pig, ferret, bunny, etc from the local shelters, I have to fill out form after form, practically give a urine/blood sample, turn over one of my kidneys, etc, and yet any jackass can procreate and become a parent! I have to have a licence to fish, to hunt, to drive but hey any guy/girl can get their rocks off together and make a baby - start a whole new life - and kill it/abuse it/throw it away....yeah, this is a messed up world we live in folks!

Long Time No Post....

I've been consumed with all things non blog related that I haven't updated in forever, or so it seems!

I've been consumed with my digital scrapbooking - trying to get back into the swing of things. I have set myself a goal of completing 365 layouts this year - whether I do one actual layout a day, I don't know but I do know I want 365 completed layouts by the end of the year!

In addition to working on my regular layouts, I've also been working on two different albums - a pregnancy album - all about my pregnancy with Victoria, and then a year in review album for each of the kids.

Looking back I really wish I had been into this when Trevor was a baby - I have practically nothing from his baby days - my pictures back then were horrible thanks to a crappy digital camera. I hope he never feels slighted that there are more baby layouts of Victoria vs. him.

I've recently applied to a few other CT's - I know I won't get them all, which is why I felt comfortable applying for several at one. And actually, I already got one no-go - but it was just for a one kit type of thing, so no biggie. Would have been fun to use the particular kit but I know designers can't choose everyone.

I guess I'll wait and see what comes of the other calls. I am not as invovled in the scrapping sites like I am in the baby/parenting sites, and I think that is why I am overlooked so much. I find it hard to break into new sites when there are so many people who already know each other and have made friendships - it's like being the new kid at school. I think by lurking more than posting, I don't get the exposure - my gallery goes pretty much unnoticed save for a few times I post in certain threads. I'd like to become more involved but it's hard with two kids who need my time and all my other committments! Oh well - such is life, right?

There is more for me to update - like taking Trevor for another evaluation today but I am beat that will come at a later time.....ciao!