Saturday, January 10, 2009

Avoiding housework like the plague!

So here I sit...avoiding housework like the plague! Don't get me wrong, there isn't a ton, because normally I am really anal about housework, but the kids were playing earlier in the living room and so, it looks a daycare exploded in here. And of course, I have a couple loads of laundry to do, and well, a shower might be nice.

But here I sit with a nice, hot cup of coffee - I am out of half/half and Trevor drank the last of the regular I was forced to scower the the cupboards for some sort of replacement...the horrors! I have a serious coffee addiction that is fueled by the use of the half/half - so to not have any, pretty much qualifies as a disaster in this household. LOL! But there in the back of the cupboard I discovered a can of Evaporated Milk that I was supposed to make fudge with at I shook it up and into the coffee it went....and with much trepidation I took a sip....and low and behold, it was tasty!!! So now, I will keep a can or heck, two, around in the back of the cupboard for these dastardly days when I run out of half/half.

Last night I made chicken cutlets - I sliced them superthin and then coated with I must admit I am not a Shake-n-Bake fan, but I know Karl enjoys it, so I do it. Well, color me suprised but Victoria loved it! Score!!! Another food we can add to the tiny list of foods she'll eat!

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