Friday, January 16, 2009

Cold ....that's an understatement!

This morning it was -38 when we got up - yes -38F. A little further north of us, was -50F. When I say it was cold, I truly do mean it! My sister from Jersey called my mom this morning and was saying it was cold and 20 degrees...that my friends is a heatwave!

Last night we went to bed with water running slowly in both sinks to prevent pipes from freezing...blankets galore....heat cranking....and me so very sick...fever of 103. Yep, I've been sick again since Wednesday! Sigh! I was burning up like a furnace to the touch, and yet freezing like an ice cube! Fun times!

Tonight we are supposed to get down to around -40 again...good times folks!

On the plus side I had a fabulous dream about Vince Vaughn last night....sigh....let's just say it was one of those dreams that give you the warm fuzzies! LOL!!

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