Thursday, January 29, 2009

Giada DeLaurentiis and Jennifer Aniston

I am watching the Food Network today - half hearted really - Trevor likes watching it and it's better than some of those annoying kids cartoons. Anyways, Giada is on and she's making this delightful little, yummy looking goodie - she takes a loaf pound cake, cuts it into slices, spreads Nutella on it, (if you don't know what Nutella is, shame, shame on you!), then tops that with slices of strawberries, another piece of pound cake and puts it in one of those panini grills. OMG! It looked divine! Three of my favorites - pound cake - check, strawberries - check, Nutella - check! So I am thinking, I am going to have to make this...and then it hits me like a ton of diet...I can't make I am left to fantasizing about them....sigh.......damn you Giada! LOL! Oh and isn't she just beautiful too? She's only 6 yrs older than me....what is going on...why do I look like such an old hag compared to these women? LOL!

I heard on the radio tonight that Jennifer Aniston is going to be turning 40 I think next month....40....she doesn't look a day over 30....what is this all about? I mean, she's only 7 yrs older than me, and I look about 10 yrs older than her, what gives? I want to look like that when I am 40...crap on a stick...that only gives me 7 yrs to get my act in gear, shape up and become beautiful...that's possible, right? LOL! Again I say, damn you Jennifer!

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