Thursday, January 8, 2009

Long Time No Post....

I've been consumed with all things non blog related that I haven't updated in forever, or so it seems!

I've been consumed with my digital scrapbooking - trying to get back into the swing of things. I have set myself a goal of completing 365 layouts this year - whether I do one actual layout a day, I don't know but I do know I want 365 completed layouts by the end of the year!

In addition to working on my regular layouts, I've also been working on two different albums - a pregnancy album - all about my pregnancy with Victoria, and then a year in review album for each of the kids.

Looking back I really wish I had been into this when Trevor was a baby - I have practically nothing from his baby days - my pictures back then were horrible thanks to a crappy digital camera. I hope he never feels slighted that there are more baby layouts of Victoria vs. him.

I've recently applied to a few other CT's - I know I won't get them all, which is why I felt comfortable applying for several at one. And actually, I already got one no-go - but it was just for a one kit type of thing, so no biggie. Would have been fun to use the particular kit but I know designers can't choose everyone.

I guess I'll wait and see what comes of the other calls. I am not as invovled in the scrapping sites like I am in the baby/parenting sites, and I think that is why I am overlooked so much. I find it hard to break into new sites when there are so many people who already know each other and have made friendships - it's like being the new kid at school. I think by lurking more than posting, I don't get the exposure - my gallery goes pretty much unnoticed save for a few times I post in certain threads. I'd like to become more involved but it's hard with two kids who need my time and all my other committments! Oh well - such is life, right?

There is more for me to update - like taking Trevor for another evaluation today but I am beat that will come at a later time.....ciao!

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