Thursday, January 15, 2009

My new project!

I frequent several scrapbooking sites - one of them is considered the "hub" of the digital scrapbooking world. They have a thread called, "Gallery Standouts", in which people post layouts that they feel standout. I love this idea but I've noticed, it's dominated by the same people all the time - it's always the same scrapper being highlighted. Don't get me wrong, people are free to choose whoever they please, but I think there are so many awesomely talented scrappers who get overlooked simply because they aren't popular or well known, etc.

I mean heck, I've got layouts in my own gallery that I think are outstanding, but they have no feedback at all. I've gotten accustomed to that now.

But I decided to start making a change - I am going to start choosing two layouts every day to put in the Gallery Standout thread - two layouts that don't have any feedback - by scrappers who aren't as well known and out there, so to speak! I want to brighten the day of two lucky scrappers when they find out their layout in the Gallery Standouts!

So my challenge to you is, to find some way to brighten at least one persons day, every day - pay it forward - make a difference in a strangers life! It doesn't have to be monumental or involving oodles or time or money, but some small gesture that will bring a smile to the face of a stranger. Can you do it?

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