Friday, January 9, 2009

So many people in the digital scrapping world, and probably outside it as well, are doing something where they are recording every day life by way of taking one picture a day - the scrappers I know who are doing this, are doing so with the idea they will make an album of 365 pictures.

I'd like to think I was that ambitious, but I admit, I am not! Well, it's not that I am abitious, it's just that I have other things I want to do as well, and comnitting to myself to take one picture a day for the whole year, just seems a bit overkill.

So I said to myself..."self...I can do this and make it work for me..." and hence the 52 weeks idea - so rather than one picture a day, I'll do a picture a week! One picture that highlights our life around here!

So without further ado, since this is the first full week of January - here is my first picture!


Notice how her blue eyes aren't quite as blue anymore - I think she's getting some of her daddys hazel eyes peeking through! She's still beautiful as ever!

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