Thursday, February 26, 2009

Found something I love....

I don't usually stop what I am doing online to blog about something but I just stumbled upon a website and found something I absolutely love....

What is it you ask?

It's a piece of jewelry ...but not just any jewelry...handmade jewelry ....if you haven't been to Lisa Leonard Designs go not pass not collect $200...just go and browse and drool over the positively adorable and charming handmade jewelry. You know normally I am a gold kind-of-girl, but this just calls out to me...I found one that I love, love, love - and want - hmmm...can I talk Karl into this? I mean, my birthday is Sunday! LOL!!

I am definitely bookmarking this site....back to swoon over it....


It's been a long night and an early morning....sigh.....

Victoria, who normally goes to bed with little to no problem, gave me a hard time last night. We did our nightly ritual - nursing to sleep - or almost asleep - get up and lay her down and her eyes pop open and she begins to scream I pick her up and lay back down and we lay there till she is fully asleep - snoring and all...pick her up and lay her down and yep, eyes pop open and she begins to scream like the dickens! So I attempt to leave her - but this Cry-It-Out stuff is not for me - never has been - never will - there is something about hearing your child crying that just makes me want to crawl out of my skin and stab myself in the eyes with dirty razor blades...I can't stand that sound! Lord knows I tried - for a good 35 minutes I tried to ignore it - but my stomach started churning and I could feel myself slipping into that place where I just want to puke and run away from the crying I got her up and brought her out here - put her in the swing, which normally puts her right to sleep, but not this time. In the end I picked her up and laid on the couch with her and finally around 9-something, she went to sleep. I don't know if its the teeth coming in again that is doing this or what, maybe she's coming down with something, but this was out of character for her - she hasn't given me trouble at bedtime for quite some time.

But then Trevor was up at 5am this morning - yelling from his room - which in turn woke Victoria up - so the poor thing is dead tired this morning - as is mama - and right now coffee just isn't cutting it for me.

I'd love a nap...but unless she goes to sleep, I am destined to stay up as well! I guess I should get cleaning house - but that is no fun!

Tomorrow my glasses are supposed to be ready - I found a pair of frames I just loved - Nikon Frames - they were light as a feather - you could barely tell you were wearing glasses - but we decided they were so light and delicate - with two small kids - esp. one little girl who has grabby hands, probably best not to go with something so delicate...sigh....but those were such nice frames! So anyways, I picked out some other frames and my glasses are supposed to be ready tomorrow - I guess this is my birthday present for myself - the gift of vision - what a wonderful thing, huh? LOL!!

Care to help me decide what kind of cake to make myself? LOL!! My birthday is Sunday and I am wondering - what kind of cake to make? I am not a big chocolate cake fan - don't get me wrong, I love me some chocolate but when it comes to cake, ehhh...I can take it or leave it. So - any good suggestions? Send them my way! Pretty please! :-)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sleep Study Update

I've been slacking this week and haven't written a thing - I am just kinda tired and worn out!

So where to start? Hmmm...we had our trip down to Bangor for Trevor's sleep study! We got to Bangor and went to the 99 Restaurant for lunch - it was good - however, Victoria decided to let her temper out and got upset that she wasn't having what the rest were - she's so determined and head strong! She saw all of us with cups with straws and suddenly her sippy cup wasn't good enough. So I ordered her a fruit smoothie, knowing it would come in a small cup with lid and, she sucked that thing down in no time! I was getting concerned that she wasn't coming up for air! LOL!! Then lunch came and she was angry that it wasn't cool enough to eat right away, so she started flinging food off the table! Yah! Talk about embarrassing!

After lunch, we went to check into the hotel and guess what? They tell me they don't have my room - my heart sank - what would happen - but before I could fret too long, she says, "so we upgraded you to a king suite for the same price"...WOOFREAKINGHOO!!! Got up to my room to put my stuff away and it was very nice - granted not the Taj Mahal or the Ritz Carlton but was definitely nicer than I had imagined! Karl was a bit jealous knowing I'd have this big king size bed all to myself (as well as the big whirlpool tub) and he was off with Trevor for a sleep study! LOL!!

Then we went to ToysRUs to let Trevor get some stuff with his birthday money! He takes after me and is indecisive - he'd have something and then change his mind, etc. Finally he picked out a huge Crayola crayon bank, a couple Crayola kits, a Spongebob movie and a stuffed Spongebob with a movie. And there went his $75.00 but he was happy and that is what mattered! TRU was running a special on Fisher Price infant toys - buy one get one free - so I picked out this adorable Bounce & Spin Zebra and then for my free toy, I got my nephew Jason, who is turning 1, this cool toy (which Vic wanted too, lol) Roll-a-Rounds Swirlin Surprise Gumballs - I hope he likes it!

We hit a couple more stores and then went back to the hotel to feed the kids and get Trevor ready for the sleep study! He was a bit scared and didn't want to leave me behind at the hotel, it was breaking my heart!

Victoria gave me a bit of a hard time to go to sleep that night - she fought it and fought it and yet she was so tired. I ended up going to bed around 9:30, cause I was so bored and had a wonderful nights sleep! Vic woke up around 5:45am or so, and I brought her into bed with me and we nursed (ok, well she nursed) and laid in bed till Karl and Trevor got back!

They arrived shortly after 6:30am - Trevor did a wonderful job - no fussing - he did all they asked of him - he was such a big, brave boy! The nurse working with him thought he was great! So hopefully we'll have some results soon!

We checked out of the hotel after a while - and went to breakfast - in which, Vic decided to show her temper again....sigh....all because I was trying to help her with her drink...gosh, she is so stubborn...unfortunately, I think she gets that from me! Oops!

We went to the mall afterwards - I scored this fabulous Nine West black handbag - originally $62.00 marked down to $19.99 but get this - it rang up for $10.00 - SCORE!!! Woot!!! It's just the right size to carry my stuff plus a diaper or two and small package of wipes for Victoria! No more diaper bag! Woohoo!!!

After the mall we hit the road to come home - it was snowing - blizzard-like at times and it took quite a while to get home - Weds it took us about 2.5 hours to get there, but coming home took more like 4.5 hours. Needless to say, by the time we got home, we were all tired and exhausted and anxious to just get comfy and relax for the evening!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Layout

I know the background is a bit busy now...but St.Patrick's Day is one of my favorite holidays - I love everything about it - the big meal - the shamrock decorations - the celtic music....

Growing up I can remember going to school with little shamrocks painted on my face and dad would put green food color in parents would get green bagels....everything was green! I loved it! When I was in high school I went and got a St.Patrick's Day tie and even wore that to!

So bare with me and my busy background just till after St.Patrick's Day! Thanks! :-)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sleep Study

It's been a while since I updated - things have been nuts - sickness all around - dad still in the hospital - Trevor's 5th birthday - and now we are getting ready to take Trevor to Bangor tomorrow for his sleep study!

Something hit me this afternoon - and it was like I had been drugged - I couldn't get my butt up off the couch - just had to sleep - finally got myself up at 4:15pm - nothing has been accomplished - dinner will be late now since I didn't get it in when it should have - bags aren't packed, etc.

Will update more later....right now I've got a screaming toddler and whiney pre-schooler! ACK!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


For starters, my dad has been in the hospital since Monday afternoon - he was having a hard time breathing again, and so after much back and forth over it and him trying to procrastinate, he agreed to let an ambulance be called, and so he's at the hospital. What is frustrating to me is, I don't get much of a straight answer - mom is too confused to know what is going on, so she tells me what is going on but in truth it's not. So my other sister in NY, has to call up to my sister here to get the correct info and then I am informed. Sad to say I live 5 minutes away and I can't get a straight answer without going through my sister 7 hours away. He won't be getting out until at the very earliest Monday and then it could be to a nursing facility. Honestly, I think he'd be better off at a nursing home because those around here feel he's too much of a burden - I think he'd get better care at a nursing home. I guess the old 'in sickness and in health" doesn't mean anything after 55 yrs. I guess because he's a stubborn old man that means he doesn't deserve any sympathy or respect.

I've been sick on and off since last Sunday, with Weds night it all coming to a head - spent all day Thursday with diarrhea and vomiting....I lost 6lbs on Thursday...I just wanted to die...I can't remember being so sick for years. Unfortunately, here it is Saturday, and while the vomiting has stopped, the rest hasn't!

Today is Trevor's 5th Birthday party - it was planned before dad was in the hospital - and I've been assured that dad would want it to continue despite him being in the hospital - so here we go. Now I just hope I can enjoy it and feel good enough to go!