Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's been a long night and an early morning....sigh.....

Victoria, who normally goes to bed with little to no problem, gave me a hard time last night. We did our nightly ritual - nursing to sleep - or almost asleep - get up and lay her down and her eyes pop open and she begins to scream I pick her up and lay back down and we lay there till she is fully asleep - snoring and all...pick her up and lay her down and yep, eyes pop open and she begins to scream like the dickens! So I attempt to leave her - but this Cry-It-Out stuff is not for me - never has been - never will - there is something about hearing your child crying that just makes me want to crawl out of my skin and stab myself in the eyes with dirty razor blades...I can't stand that sound! Lord knows I tried - for a good 35 minutes I tried to ignore it - but my stomach started churning and I could feel myself slipping into that place where I just want to puke and run away from the crying I got her up and brought her out here - put her in the swing, which normally puts her right to sleep, but not this time. In the end I picked her up and laid on the couch with her and finally around 9-something, she went to sleep. I don't know if its the teeth coming in again that is doing this or what, maybe she's coming down with something, but this was out of character for her - she hasn't given me trouble at bedtime for quite some time.

But then Trevor was up at 5am this morning - yelling from his room - which in turn woke Victoria up - so the poor thing is dead tired this morning - as is mama - and right now coffee just isn't cutting it for me.

I'd love a nap...but unless she goes to sleep, I am destined to stay up as well! I guess I should get cleaning house - but that is no fun!

Tomorrow my glasses are supposed to be ready - I found a pair of frames I just loved - Nikon Frames - they were light as a feather - you could barely tell you were wearing glasses - but we decided they were so light and delicate - with two small kids - esp. one little girl who has grabby hands, probably best not to go with something so delicate...sigh....but those were such nice frames! So anyways, I picked out some other frames and my glasses are supposed to be ready tomorrow - I guess this is my birthday present for myself - the gift of vision - what a wonderful thing, huh? LOL!!

Care to help me decide what kind of cake to make myself? LOL!! My birthday is Sunday and I am wondering - what kind of cake to make? I am not a big chocolate cake fan - don't get me wrong, I love me some chocolate but when it comes to cake, ehhh...I can take it or leave it. So - any good suggestions? Send them my way! Pretty please! :-)

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