Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sleep Study Update

I've been slacking this week and haven't written a thing - I am just kinda tired and worn out!

So where to start? Hmmm...we had our trip down to Bangor for Trevor's sleep study! We got to Bangor and went to the 99 Restaurant for lunch - it was good - however, Victoria decided to let her temper out and got upset that she wasn't having what the rest were - she's so determined and head strong! She saw all of us with cups with straws and suddenly her sippy cup wasn't good enough. So I ordered her a fruit smoothie, knowing it would come in a small cup with lid and straw...man, she sucked that thing down in no time! I was getting concerned that she wasn't coming up for air! LOL!! Then lunch came and she was angry that it wasn't cool enough to eat right away, so she started flinging food off the table! Yah! Talk about embarrassing!

After lunch, we went to check into the hotel and guess what? They tell me they don't have my room - my heart sank - what would happen - but before I could fret too long, she says, "so we upgraded you to a king suite for the same price"...WOOFREAKINGHOO!!! Got up to my room to put my stuff away and it was very nice - granted not the Taj Mahal or the Ritz Carlton but was definitely nicer than I had imagined! Karl was a bit jealous knowing I'd have this big king size bed all to myself (as well as the big whirlpool tub) and he was off with Trevor for a sleep study! LOL!!

Then we went to ToysRUs to let Trevor get some stuff with his birthday money! He takes after me and is indecisive - he'd have something and then change his mind, etc. Finally he picked out a huge Crayola crayon bank, a couple Crayola kits, a Spongebob movie and a stuffed Spongebob with a movie. And there went his $75.00 but he was happy and that is what mattered! TRU was running a special on Fisher Price infant toys - buy one get one free - so I picked out this adorable Bounce & Spin Zebra and then for my free toy, I got my nephew Jason, who is turning 1, this cool toy (which Vic wanted too, lol) Roll-a-Rounds Swirlin Surprise Gumballs - I hope he likes it!

We hit a couple more stores and then went back to the hotel to feed the kids and get Trevor ready for the sleep study! He was a bit scared and didn't want to leave me behind at the hotel, it was breaking my heart!

Victoria gave me a bit of a hard time to go to sleep that night - she fought it and fought it and yet she was so tired. I ended up going to bed around 9:30, cause I was so bored and had a wonderful nights sleep! Vic woke up around 5:45am or so, and I brought her into bed with me and we nursed (ok, well she nursed) and laid in bed till Karl and Trevor got back!

They arrived shortly after 6:30am - Trevor did a wonderful job - no fussing - he did all they asked of him - he was such a big, brave boy! The nurse working with him thought he was great! So hopefully we'll have some results soon!

We checked out of the hotel after a while - and went to breakfast - in which, Vic decided to show her temper again....sigh....all because I was trying to help her with her drink...gosh, she is so stubborn...unfortunately, I think she gets that from me! Oops!

We went to the mall afterwards - I scored this fabulous Nine West black handbag - originally $62.00 marked down to $19.99 but get this - it rang up for $10.00 - SCORE!!! Woot!!! It's just the right size to carry my stuff plus a diaper or two and small package of wipes for Victoria! No more diaper bag! Woohoo!!!

After the mall we hit the road to come home - it was snowing - blizzard-like at times and it took quite a while to get home - Weds it took us about 2.5 hours to get there, but coming home took more like 4.5 hours. Needless to say, by the time we got home, we were all tired and exhausted and anxious to just get comfy and relax for the evening!

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