Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Layout

I know the background is a bit busy now...but St.Patrick's Day is one of my favorite holidays - I love everything about it - the big meal - the shamrock decorations - the celtic music....

Growing up I can remember going to school with little shamrocks painted on my face and dad would put green food color in parents would get green bagels....everything was green! I loved it! When I was in high school I went and got a St.Patrick's Day tie and even wore that to!

So bare with me and my busy background just till after St.Patrick's Day! Thanks! :-)


  1. Hey, do you still have that 4 leaf clover necklace I sent you? Ya know, after I sent that to you I went back to get one for myself, and I never found another one. I look all the time too. Oh well. - Kaylene