Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sleep Study

It's been a while since I updated - things have been nuts - sickness all around - dad still in the hospital - Trevor's 5th birthday - and now we are getting ready to take Trevor to Bangor tomorrow for his sleep study!

Something hit me this afternoon - and it was like I had been drugged - I couldn't get my butt up off the couch - just had to sleep - finally got myself up at 4:15pm - nothing has been accomplished - dinner will be late now since I didn't get it in when it should have - bags aren't packed, etc.

Will update more later....right now I've got a screaming toddler and whiney pre-schooler! ACK!


  1. I hope you get some good feedback from the study!

  2. Erin - I hope you get some answers from his sleep study! Did you talk to them about his sleep habits, etc? Were they able to accomodate you guys?

    I'm hoping Kevin's surgery (as a result of his sleep study) will really help him.

  3. Check out my blog Recipes to the test- there is a link to my page on Cafemom about sleep disorders and sleep studies. If you ever have any concerns or questions you can ask there! Good luck!