Saturday, February 7, 2009


For starters, my dad has been in the hospital since Monday afternoon - he was having a hard time breathing again, and so after much back and forth over it and him trying to procrastinate, he agreed to let an ambulance be called, and so he's at the hospital. What is frustrating to me is, I don't get much of a straight answer - mom is too confused to know what is going on, so she tells me what is going on but in truth it's not. So my other sister in NY, has to call up to my sister here to get the correct info and then I am informed. Sad to say I live 5 minutes away and I can't get a straight answer without going through my sister 7 hours away. He won't be getting out until at the very earliest Monday and then it could be to a nursing facility. Honestly, I think he'd be better off at a nursing home because those around here feel he's too much of a burden - I think he'd get better care at a nursing home. I guess the old 'in sickness and in health" doesn't mean anything after 55 yrs. I guess because he's a stubborn old man that means he doesn't deserve any sympathy or respect.

I've been sick on and off since last Sunday, with Weds night it all coming to a head - spent all day Thursday with diarrhea and vomiting....I lost 6lbs on Thursday...I just wanted to die...I can't remember being so sick for years. Unfortunately, here it is Saturday, and while the vomiting has stopped, the rest hasn't!

Today is Trevor's 5th Birthday party - it was planned before dad was in the hospital - and I've been assured that dad would want it to continue despite him being in the hospital - so here we go. Now I just hope I can enjoy it and feel good enough to go!

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