Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dare I say it? Spring is here!

Guess what we are doing tonight? Grilling out for supper! It's the first official grill of the year! Woot!

It's a beautiful, sunny 60 degrees right now....Karl is starting to heat the grill up....steaks are all ready to go....too bad Victoria is pitching a fit right now and Trevor is upset cause she's crying...otherwise it would be a perfect moment! LOL!

It's a done deal!

So I've blogged myself to death about this and probably my readers too, lol, but Victoria is completely weaned! I made it 16 months, which is just so amazing to me!

It's been over a week now and of course she's still trying to get at it every now and again, but other than that, it's actually gone pretty well. But I can't lie - I do miss it - I miss that bond and closeness we had - that little quiet private moment we shared - this is just one more sign that she is growing up - another door closed on babyhood.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lookie what I got....

Karl and I went out yesterday - alone - sans the children - woohoo....this isn't something that happens often, so I cherish it when it does.

Anyways, we went into this little store and I found this adorable (is that an ok word to use to describe a purse?) purse from Columbia (not the country, cause that is spelled differently, lol but the company, lol). Here it is...Azza™ II Messenger L. It is a messenger bag! It's the perfect "mommy" bag. It's rugged but cute!

Which brings me to another thing on a different topic...recently I was reading a debate about "mommy" haircuts! Pray tell what in the world is a "mommy" haircut? Do I have a "mommy" haircut because my hair is short? Here is the thing - I don't really give a rats batootie if I have a "mommy" haircut! "Why?", you ask. Because I am a mommy - all my life I've wanted to be a mommy - I am proud of being a mommy - and I will gladly sport my "mommy" haircut with my "mommy" purse and my "mommy" shoes and everything and anything else that screams "mommy"!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A crazy month...

Wow, it's been almost a month since I've sat down and blogged a thing - I must admit the thought has crossed my mind a few times, but I've had so much going on, that I've basically just said, "screw it"....

So here I am...finally....

It's been a crazy month ...lots of family bickering and fighting....finding out just how out of touch some family members are - and what kind of destruction they are willing to cause to others - it's actually kind of scary that there are members of my family who could be so vindictive and hateful.

Anyways, enough of that because I've come to the point where I refuse to feed into their drama and my life is better for it!

In the month since I've posted, it has been determined that dad is better off to stay in the nursing home (VA Home) permanently. It's hard to know he won't be coming home, but I above all else, know that this is absolutely the best for him - he'll be getting a level of care that he couldn't otherwise get at home. I feel better knowing he is somewhere where if something happens again, he will have qualified medical professionals at his fingertips.

Hmmm...what else? Oh yeah, I am attempting to wean for the 3rd time now....3rd times a charm, right? LOL!! I felt guilty the last two times and gave in....but now I am trying it again...she will be 16 mths next week...we've done so awesome to go all this time - I am beyond proud of myself. And I am confident now that if we were to ever have another child, I would do the same thing all over again. Yesterday I cut out the last feeding we far so good...she tried to get at it this morning, but I stayed strong.

Oh and I celebrated my 33rd birthday on March 1st - woohoo! Yeah, another year older and no more wiser though! LOL! I had a nice day with the family - they took me out for lunch and got me some gifts and we just had a really good day together.

I think that's about it for now...hopefully I can stay caught up now! LOL!