Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lookie what I got....

Karl and I went out yesterday - alone - sans the children - woohoo....this isn't something that happens often, so I cherish it when it does.

Anyways, we went into this little store and I found this adorable (is that an ok word to use to describe a purse?) purse from Columbia (not the country, cause that is spelled differently, lol but the company, lol). Here it is...Azza™ II Messenger L. It is a messenger bag! It's the perfect "mommy" bag. It's rugged but cute!

Which brings me to another thing on a different topic...recently I was reading a debate about "mommy" haircuts! Pray tell what in the world is a "mommy" haircut? Do I have a "mommy" haircut because my hair is short? Here is the thing - I don't really give a rats batootie if I have a "mommy" haircut! "Why?", you ask. Because I am a mommy - all my life I've wanted to be a mommy - I am proud of being a mommy - and I will gladly sport my "mommy" haircut with my "mommy" purse and my "mommy" shoes and everything and anything else that screams "mommy"!

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