Monday, April 27, 2009

The Best Compliment!

You know I've struggled for the last 5+ years with parenting - the constant wondering if I am doing things right, will the kids end up needing therapy because of my parenting skills or lack thereof, will they be decent adults some can't help or at least I can't help but compare myself to other parents, mainly moms to see what they are doing and if I am doing as good a job, and I always walk away thinking I am failing at this....

But today, my concerns were put aside, my face beamed, my heart was overwhelmed with joy...Trevor has been going to church with my mother and one of my I am in Wal-mart and run into an older couple from the church and they asked about Trevor. The man went on to say that Trevor is the most polite and well behaved boy he's ever known, that he's a special young man, and we should be very proud of him and that I've done a good job. He said that during music time at church, Trevor opens up his Bible and sings along and it just brings a tear to this mans eye to see how wonderfully special Trevor is.

Talk about wonderfully, magical words to a mothers ear! You know we butt heads at home, we have our moments, he cuts up much like any other 5 yr old I'd guess, but he is a good kid....he's smart....he's polite...he behaves...I don't have to worry that he's at church running around like a maniac.

It does my heart good - it helps ease those fears that I am not doing a good job of parenting!

Just the other day when we were all out, we ran into Trevor's Sunday School teacher and she said "hello" to Trevor and he put his hand out to shake her hand and said, "I am good, how are you Miss Patsy?" I was just so pleased to see my little 5 yr old reaching out to shake someones hand without being prompted.

I love that boy more than the moon and stars....he has my heart....he's such an amazing child and I feel so lucky to call myself his mama!

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  1. Aww, see, we all new what a great kid he was from the day he was born. Mother's perspectives are a bit squewed (sp). He's a bright and wonderful kid. And like most other Aspie kids, will excel at whatever he chooses to do in life. By the way, gotta love the matchbox cars. That's one of Nick's obsessions too!