Sunday, April 26, 2009

Summer Goals

I was cleaning Trevor's room today - looking at the volume of books this child has - seriously, he has a ton of books - some new - some were mine - some were my niece and nephews...he has this built in book shelf in his room - and every shelf is packed to the brim with books.

It's great because Trevor is finally taking an interest in reading - I am not sure if this is due to going to school this year, or just something that happened naturally, but the interest is definitely there. We've had fun buying books from the Scholastic Order through school...and going to the bookstore at the's such a wonderful feeling when your child asks for a book instead of the newest piece of junk toy out there. It's very rare for Trevor to want to go look at toys and I feel we are very lucky in that sense. He's much more into reading and drawing/coloring! Although, he has a new interest in cars recently - it's cute to watch him drive them around his rug that looks like a town. I don't mind buying the Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars ...those things seem to last forever for the most part - paying $1.00 for a car isn't a big deal to me esp. when it will last years.

But back to the books...all these books....and we've only ever read a very small fraction of those books and I got this brilliant idea! Yep, the light bulb went off in my head! LOL!!

Trevor and I are going to read as many of those books as possible - our goal we've set is to read 5 shelves worth of books over the course of the summer - we are going to make a list and put each book we read on it....if we can read all of those books he's going to get a *very* big "treat" at the end of the summer. I am hoping this will give us some more one on one time - as he's getting older, his one on one time with me isn't like it used to be. But I also hope it will help with him learning to read, give him less time watching television, inspire an even greater love of reading, and will give him a goal to work towards.

He already knows what his big treat will be...and he's very excited. I told him we'd start reading tomorrow.

A month or so ago, we got him the Leapfrog Tag Reading System - what a great little "toy". I can keep track of his progress online - he get to "read" along with it. I think all of this is really helping him. The books for the Tag Reader are not really cheap, about $14 a book, but I've had several $5.00 off coupons, so it's made it really affordable. I highly recommend this! Trevor really seems to love it. Part of his Easter gift was a new book for the Tag Reader - I love that we can do other "gifts" besides candy and junk for things like Easter. He was tickled cause he got a book he had really wanted for it.

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