Thursday, May 7, 2009

Not making any friends....

I am sure I won't make any friends with what I am about to say, and dare say, I might even loose some, and if that is what happens, well then, really it's their loss.

Maine yesterday became the 5th state in the nation to legalize gay/lesbian marriage. I am beyond thrilled! I am glad that for once, Maine is paying attention to the times. I am glad that we can be amongst some of the first states to do the right thing.

No, I am not a lesbian, but I've had many gay/lesbian friends over the years, and I am happy that they will now be able to experience the very basic right of getting married. I have two small children and have no idea what the future holds for them, and if one of them years down the road were to tell me he/she were gay or lesbian, I'd still love them, be happy for them, and want them to be able to experience the same things their father and I had.

Yesterday, one of my sisters brought up two points why she was against it. One being the fact that now people will want to marry dogs. I think this is making a huge leap. Yes, there will always be nut jobs out there, but they will be there whether we allow gay people to marry or not. Legalizing gay marriage won't suddenly give the idea to a sane person to marry their dog! That is suck a weak argument.

The other point she used was that now people will be suing pastors, priests, etc if they refuse to marry them. I don't see this happening. The church doesn't have to marry anyone it doesn't want to. No one will be forcing a church to marry gays and lesbians. I would venture to guess that gays and lesbians are going to want to be married by people who support their sexuality. If I was a lesbian, I sure am not going to ask the pastor who is vehemently against homosexuality to marry me, obviously he isn't going to do it. I would go to a pastor/preacher/priest who I knew was accepting of my sexuality and life.

I really think these arguments hold so little merit! Gay marriage will not take anything away from a straight marriage - if it does, then I would be so daring and bold to say, that your marriage had issues to begin with.

Karl and I have been married 10 yrs - together a total of 15 - allowing gays to marry has absolutely no affect on our marriage. It doesn't demean it. It doesn't change it. We are still just as married today as we were 10 yrs ago.

I just can't wrap my mind around how people can be so close-minded. I don't understand how those who call themselves Christians, as in the case of my family, who profess to love everyone, can be ok with denying basic rights for a group of fellow human beings.

I especially don't understand how the majority of my family can judge others, yet send their risque/crude emails and jokes, curse like truckers, watch porn, have sex outside marriage or before marriage, drink, smoke, etc, and yet turn and use their religion against others. Where was your religion when you were sending the email with the naked guys to me? Where was your religion when you called me to curse and talk about your soon to be ex-husband and his !bleep! new girlfriend? Where was your religion when you were out having an affair? Where was your religion when you were having sex before you were married? etc? Where was it? Why is it my family only uses their religion when it's convenient? when it suits their needs/wants? Don't live your life ungodly all week long and then when something like homosexuality comes along, suddenly profess your Christianity. Don't talk about how God is being taken out of everything, when you never acknowledge God to begin with any other day of the week. Stop being hypocrites.

I came across a quote recently and I thought it was wonderful, unfortunately I have no idea who wrote it, but I will share anyways, with the admission that this is not something I wrote:

"Live in such a way that those who know you but don't know God, will come to know God because they know you"

I'd love to ask certain family members, are you really living in such a way that people will come to know God? Because as someone who isn't religious, who doesn't claim Christianity, you are not drawing me in by the way you live - if anything, you are turning me off even more.


  1. Now THAT was a profound blog. Good for you Girl. Straight forward, to the point. Perfect! I am with you 100%. - Kaylene

  2. I agree 100%! Reading this made me proud to be related to you!!