Friday, June 26, 2009

Clean Sweep

Do you ever just feel like you have too much stuff? I think when things start falling into the "stuff" category, that isn't a good thing. I mean, it's one thing to say I have too many frames...or too many books...too many magazines...but when you have so much of everything that it just becomes "stuff", that is the real problem.

Lately, I have just felt like we are being taken over by stuff...everywhere I turn there is something...things just accumulating...part of my problem is that I'll set something down and swear I'll get to it...but that time never comes. Trying to raise a special needs child and a budding toddler, and being a wife to an overgrown kid himself, lol, it takes time...and energy...and honestly, these days after I've done all that stuff, I leave so much of the cleaning. Don't get me wrong, the dishes will be done and the vacuuming....but those piles of papers, bills, misc mail, catalogs, clothes, etc never seem to get taken care of.

I had no motivation this morning...the house was trashed, and might I add not something I am proud to admit, but trashed nonetheless. I sat at the computer putzing around in order to not have to get up and face the mess.

But I finally did - and boys did I ever tackle it! I've put out numerous bags of trash, bagged up some books for the yard sale, sorted out kids movies we no longer want and plan to put out for the sale, dug out old computer games for the sale, vacuumed, dusted, taken down decor I no longer wanted, done dishes and made the kids supper. It feels good to see so much done....more I'd like to do though! Tonight I will be able to sit down and enjoy myself seeing the house sparking around me!

I urge you to "clean sweep"'s such a good feeling...and remember, less is more!

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