Friday, June 26, 2009


As I've mentioned in the past, we struggle with discipline with Trevor. It seems most things don't affect him! It all has to do with the Aspegers and just not being able to make the connection between you did B will happen.

He's been going to vacation Bible school all week...and he's enjoyed it. But this morning he had several meltdowns - resulting in a lot of yelling, screaming, stomping, biting, rage, I decided to do something that had been recommended to me before, which was to take away something he really likes.

Yes, you guessed it - he's not going to VBS today....he was very upset that he couldn't go, but I stuck to my guns, not about to say yes, even though I knew he was very devastated.

I don't know if this will have any sort of lasting effect, because he's already over the disappointment of not going...guess we'll see how the rest of the day plays out.

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  1. You know, my mom (who teaches preschool) used to have a boy in her class that was obsessed with vacums. From what I can recall, it lasted well into adolesence.