Monday, July 20, 2009

Dr. Appointments

For those not in the know, we live in a rather small "city" in Northern Maine - doctors are not a plenty here! At Victoria's 18 month well check-up, I mentioned to her pediatrician that we were getting concerned about her birthmark, and the fact it had some dark hair in the center. She suggested we see a Dermatologist, but the kicker is, apparently there aren't any locally, so we had to wait for the "Dermatology Clinic" at the hospital - doctors come up for a couple days from down state every couple/few months and see patients at the hospital. Luckily they were able to get us into this latest clinic and today was her appointment. The scheduled appointment time was 11:15am - we arrived shortly after 11am and checked in and then sat. Trying to keep her occupied and not running off, was quite fun! The waiting area was right next to a huge flight of stairs down to the lower level. I was quite petrified that she'd take off and end up falling down those stairs. 11:30am came and went! 11:45 came and went! I was getting increasingly annoyed, esp. because now it's Vicky's lunch time and she's cranky and tired and hungry. Finally just as I was about to tell them it would have to be rescheduled, they finally came to call us back at noon.

We go back into a room and then we proceed to wait more...and wait...and wait...the Dr. didn't come in till almost 12:30pm. By this point I am damned ticked off...Vicky is right pissy....

He takes a look and says from what he sees and what I am telling him, it's a completely normal mole. He goes on to say we can shave the hair in the center, or pluck it, or electrolysis or laser. If we were to ever decide to have it removed, it shouldn't leave to big a scar. Then he took a look at her eczema, and we talked briefly about that and he said he was going to give a script for that. And that was it!

So we were ushered back out to the waiting area while we waited for the prescription!

We left there and went to Walmart to get her script filled and pick up a ready one of Trevor's....I am told that it will be about 30 I walk around Walmart to kill time....had no money to actually shop, so we were just simply trying to waste time. I get back to the pharmacy only to be told it needs a pre-authorization before it can be filled. So we basically wasted half an hour for absolutely nothing! Grrr!!!

This afternoon,I also had a "Dr.'s" appointment....I say doctor in quotes because I only see a physicians assistant...again, such a small area, hard to get an actual doctor. I've been having this weird pain in my chest and I was thinking it was some sort of panic/anxiety attack. Well the "Dr." doesn't think it's my heart - she thinks it's due to my stomach issues...but is sending me for an EKG and chest x-ray.

I also asked her about surgery...I've been contemplating Gastric Bypass surgery. I have a sister who is currently going through the process and I have had several friends who have had either GB or Lap-Band surgery, it's something I've been thinking about for some time, but finally decided to ask her about it. She said to say the word and she'd give me the referral down to Bangor to start the process. Karl is onboard with it and supports me and I know I would have the support of my sister who is doing it. The only thing that sucks would be having to travel the 3 hours for each appointment, but really that is something we are doing now for all of Trevor's specialists, so what's one more?! If I decide to do this, definitely will be more to come in my blog!!!

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