Friday, July 24, 2009

Laying it all out....

After much thought, much reading on the Internet as well as material my sister was able to share with me, and talking to several friends who have had Gastric Bypass Surgery, I have indeed decided to go ahead with it.

I can already hear the gasps...I already know that so many people won't be in my corner...I am fully aware that there are those who will feel I have chosen the easy way out...that I am cheating....that I must obviously think this is a quick fix...

To that I say, I know what I am doing....I understand the decision I have made...this isn't a quick fix by any means, this is probably one of the hardest things I will ever embark upon...I know that my life will forever be changed, and I am ok with that.

If this colors the way you see me now...if you judge me for this...well, I can't make apologies for that. This is something I need to do ....need to do for myself first and foremost and for my family secondly!

I don't expect others to understand how I could make this choice, if you had asked me 10 yrs ago, I would have shook my head as well...but life happens...things get to a place where you never thought you'd be.

Yes, I know there are risks...heck, there are risks in everything we do...but there are also risks in me continuing to live my life like I am now....there are risks to me being the weight I am now...I could drop tomorrow and leave my children without a mother. I have to believe that everything will work out for the best!

I am so blessed to know as I head down this road, I have complete and total support from Karl, as well as my sister, and several friends who have already had this surgery!

I have called my doctor today to ask for the referral to get the process started. It isn't going to happen typically takes 6 mths to go through everything before you have surgery and of course, that will depend too, upon whether or not, they deem you a candidate. So even though, I have made the decision to go throgh with this, there is no guarantee that I will be able to have it in the end, but I will never know if I don't try.


  1. you will be the first person i have told this too, but this is a procedure i have consider for myself as well. i've seen some great results from this surgery and i wish you the very very best. i think you have an awesome attitude about it and if it will help you then i say heck yea go for it. i will be one of the people in your corner cheering for you all the way :)

  2. Oh Erin! Good for you honey!
    I hate it when people say 'the easy way out', it so isn't! How is having life altering surgery the easy way out?
    I wish you the best of luck doll!

  3. Erin, you have heard my un-diluted opinion on these types of topics over the years on HT. For that reason I want you to know that I fully support this decision, if that is what you feel is best for you.

    My BIL had GBS in August 2007 and, despite the complications he has suffered over the last two years, he does not regret that decision for ONE second.