Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lesson learned??

For what seems like an eternity, we've had an issue with Victoria biting. It started out with biting while the time a session would end, it would feel like my breasts had been run through a cheese grater -OUCH!! Eventually it progressed to biting when angry and now she also bites just for fun....her fun!!! I've tried practically everything and nothing is getting her to stop. I've had numerous people tell me to bite her back and honestly that never sat well with me.

If you could see me now, I have several bites on my breasts and arms. Well today while playing she reached down and bite my painful let me tell out of fustration, I reached down and bit her back. She wasn't even phased! She said, "owww" and that was it. But this is also the child who you can pat her head and she screams "oww"'s so dramatic.

Well Trevor and I went out grocery shopping this afternoon after this incident. I left Vicky here at home with Karl. I get home and Karl tells me to ask Vicky what Trevor did to her. So I did...and she shows me her arm....yep, the bite I gave's a tiny red mark...BUT she's blaming poor Trev! LOL!! Karl really thought Trevor had done had to tell him it was me! All afternoon Vic kept pointing to it and saying, "Trevor"!!!

So....unfortunately there was no lesson learned here and she's now becoming a tattle tale who lies! LOL!! We are doing a bang-up job here! LOL!

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