Monday, July 27, 2009

Tired of family....

Yes, I know how that title sounds....and no, I don't need the lecture from the anonymous commenter letting me know how thankful I need to it for someone else!

I have one of those families who never think before they speak...who never hesitates to give their unsolicited opinion on just about everything....who will critique you up on side and down the other.

And today happened to be one of *those* days!!!

I went over tonight to moms for a couple minutes to pick something up and she proceeds to tell me she doesn't like what Trevor is doing. Of course, I asked what she meant, and she says, "has ever seen dogs do it?"....I knew of course what she meant, but I am 33 yrs old, married with two kids, I think she can say "having sex" to me...give me a anyways, I said what do you mean? And she goes on to say, "you know, doing *it*? I said, "you mean going to the bathroom?" and she's like "no, doing IT" I said "no, why?" and she proceeds to tell me that she's caught Trevor a few times grinding against Victoria and that when she was at our house yesterday Trevor was laying on the floor playing and told Victoria to sit on him. Give me a big old effin' break!!! He is 5 for Pete's sakes! No, he hasn't seen dogs have sex, nor has he seen anyone else have sex!!! He is 5!!!! He has no clue on this earth that what he is doing, could be something sexually. He is 5!!! I just can't stress that enough...he's a 5 yr old little boy, who incidentally has Aspergers and is just playing with his little sister. He didn't ask her to sit on his privates or anything like that...they'll play on the floor and she'll sit on his tummy or something...much like they do with me when I lay on the floor. For the love of god, it's not sexual! She made it seem like he was some freak....some pervert! It hurts my heart ...that is my little boy....he isn't some freak! He's just playing! He has no clue about sex! She went on to say that we need to stop this now...that it doesn't look good!

I am so stinkin' tired of people talking badly about Trevor...this is my people not understand that this shit hurts me? He is just a little boy!!!

I wish I didn't have to rely oh her as much as I do for watching the kids because I am sick of having to leave them with her.

Trevor told me earlier today that when they are over there and Vicky cries, mom just tells her to cry louder....grrr.....don't get me wrong, my kids aren't perfect...they have their flaws...their naughty moments....but I don't appreciate anyone telling my crying child to just cry louder. WTF is wrong with people?!

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and was supposed to be leaving Victoria and Trevor with mom and now I wish I didn't have to....and I can't cancel otherwise I'll be charged and I can't afford to do that either....sigh....I am just so pissed off......

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  1. i'm so sorry Erin. What a horrible thing to suggest of Trev. i'm sorry that your family isn't more supportive and understanding of Trevor. and i'm sorry i don't live closer - i'd so watch the kids for you.