Sunday, August 30, 2009


I hadn't heard anything about my referral to see the Bariatric Surgeon, so I decided to call the doctor on Friday to see what was going on. It had been a month since I requested the referral!

Come to find out, the insurance has denied the referral. It makes me angry that they won't even let me be seen by the surgeon first and his team, to let him determine if I would be a good candidate. Nope!

While talking to my doctor's nurse, I find out that I am pre-diabetic and have hyptertension. One would think, that this would have been information I would have been told about. When was she going to tell me? Wait till it was full blown diabetes? etc?

Apparently the insurance would cover it if I had either full blown diabetes, higher hypertension, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, or sleep apnea. The very fact my BMI is now at 51% apparently isn't enough. I don't get it, you'd think it would want to help me before my health declined anymore, not wait till it did decline.

I am baffled and highly disappointed.

I feel like I am back to square one. While I know I can eat the right things, my issue right now is with exercising - I can't do much right now without feeling like I am dying, getting really winded and hurting a great deal. If I could just get 20-30lbs off, so that I could work out would be a great help.

I feel like the wind has been let out of my just sucks sometimes!

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  1. Oh Erin, I am so incredibly sorry. :( Is there anything I can do to help beyond cheering for you? If so, I would love to. You know where to find me.