Thursday, August 6, 2009

Is it a full moon or something?

As if the bull with Walmart wasn't enough, now I am dealing with the stupidity that is EBay. I swore to myself the last time I sold stuff on there was it...but after this last yard sale I did, I decided to put some stuff on there in an attempt to make a few more dollars.

One item happened to be a pair of pink animal print Mary Janes - they were just as cute as can be! I listed them in *excellent used condition* because I felt they were in great condition - no wear on the soles - relatively clean esp. considering they were only worn half a dozen times before Vicky outgrew them. The auction ended Sunday - the person won them for $1.04 plus $4.00 shipping. When I went to do the shipping, there was very little difference between Priority, Priority Flat Rate and Parcel Post, so I used a Flat Rate box, which ended up being $4.80 - so in the end, I only made .24 cents on the shoes ...and of course, have to remember the EBay fees I will pay for the listing as well as the auction selling ...I dare say in the end, I made absolutely nothing!

I shipped the item Monday - thought that was excellent turn around time. The buyer received them today and emailed me - said they looked worn and she would not be putting them on her granddaughter. WTF? I mean purchase a pair of used shoes off of EBay for $1.04 plus shipping and you have the freaking nerve to complain they look worn? What do you expect with *USED* shoes? Of course they will be worn...dee-da-dee!! They were in perfect condition all things considered!

So I refunded her the $1.04. I will not refund the shipping - I am sorry, but a lot of big companies, do not refund you when you send something back. I told her to give the shoes to the Salvation Army or another charity, because I am sure there would be someone who would love to have them for their little one.

I've been on EBay for 6+ yrs with this account - I had another one but closed it when I wasn't using it and a couple years later, started this one, anyways point being in all this time of selling, and granted I am not a big time seller, I've never had one complaint - I have 100% feedback. Why is it people these days want everything for nothing? I mean really dare I sell a pair of used shoes that look dare I say it....used?! Gasp!!! Some people.....ugh....

The kids today have been off the wall crazy....not napping...I have wanted to run away numerous times today. Trevor got into the fridge and drank the leftover coffee from this morning that I had chilling to make iced coffee this evening...the kid barely sleeps as it is, he doesn't need the coffee...not to mention, it was MINE! ACK!

I am glad that it is coming to bedtime and today will soon be over....I just want to relax tonight...well as much as possible with laundry to do.

Tomorrow we take Trevor to meet a new doctor about an hour and half's hoping this one is better than that last one in Bangor.

Wish us luck!

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