Thursday, August 6, 2009

Walmart and their crappy service!

Back at the end of February I purchased a new pair of frames and lenses - totalling $266.00. When I picked them up, I noticed that they had some gaping between the top of the lens and frame, as well as some chips in the edge of each lens. I really needed them, so I didn't bother to say anything at the time, thinking it wouldn't get any worse than that.

Then last week, I notice the chips in the sides have gotten much bigger, and noticeable to others now, and are affecting my vision when trying to wearing them.

So I called this morning and asked what could be done about it and the gentleman I talked with informed me I could get new lenses or a refund since it was within a year.

I got the kids ready...and we headed up to Walmart, and the gentleman I talked to on the phone started helping me. He took the glasses and I showed him the problems, not like you couldn't miss it, and he went over to the computer and started doing something, and then there was some conversation between him and the two other men there. He came over and said it would be just a moment and I said, "will this cost, because I just want a refund?"...he told me there was no charge, but if I wanted a refund, I could do that.

So, he proceeds to do the refund and then got hung up along the way, and calls over one of the other men, who then informs me I can't get a refund, because it's past the "60 day Satisfaction Guarantee Policy". I said no one had informed when I bought the glasses or picked them up, that there was a "60 Day policy". He basically told me too was a very strict policy but then in his next breath, said that if it was say a month past that 60 days, he could do something. So much for that "strict" policy, huh?

I told them I didn't want new lenses, because they were poor quality and workmanship and that if I had known about said policy, why would I have held on to them until now?

Oh and then, when I went to leave the first guy is like, here let me clean them for you first...I was like don't bother - they are broken, not like I am going to be wearing them...duh!!!

So I come home and begin an Internet search and sure enough, complaints all over the place about various issues with Walmart Vision Centers....surprise....surprise!!! So I emailed Corporate and have logged complaints with a couple different sites as well. I will make sure everyone I come in contact with knows what a joke they are.

I am disgusted that on the phone I am told I can have a refund...get in the store and told I can have a refund, then suddenly some other guy comes along and no!

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  1. Argh! I hate when things like this happen! We had the same problem with Lenscrafters - a big kerfuffle with the insurance and billing that almost cost us $300! We'll NEVER go there again.
    There really is something to be said for small, 'mom & pop' places - even if they have higher prices.