Friday, September 11, 2009

The big questions....

I thought I had time before Trevor started asking the big questions....but this morning he caught me off guard. Let me just say, when it comes to things like this, I need to be prepared, I am not good at answering off the cuff! LOL!!

So there we are...Trevor, Victoria and myself outside waiting for the school bus this morning. Trevor says he wants a new baby, one that he can dress and feed. He then went on to explain we'd have to get a nice, fancy crib from K-Mart (lol) and it would have to go next to my bed, because he doesn't want Victoria to bite his new baby, whom he'd like us to name Olivia.

And then he asked the big do mommies get pregnant?

Woah!!! Time to pick myself up off the ground, dust myself off and try to quickly think of something age appropriate.

So I explained that it takes a lot of work between mommies and daddies....and sometimes it take a long time. So he asked why I wasn't pregnant?! (LOL) I explained that it just wasn't the right time right now. And then he asked me if somtimes it takes a lot of wishing...and I told him yes, yes it does.

Crisis adverted right now....but I am fairly sure that this won't be the last time he asks the big questions. But at least for now, I've hopefully given him enough to put it to rest for the moment.

Now it's time for this mama to find a book to help me be able to better answer him next time! Any suggestions?

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