Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Letting go....

Letting go is very much easier said then done for me. Last year I experienced the very first time I had to let one of my children go, and by that I mean, sending Trevor off to preschool. It was hard to walk away and know I was entrusting a complete stranger to take care of him the way I would want. It's such a remarkable leap of faith if you ask me've had this child with you every day for 4 years and then suddenly, you hand him off to a stranger and walk away. And yet I knew in the back of my mind, that it was just preschool - it wasn't mandatory and I could take him out if I really felt I needed to. But I didn't ....I overcame my own fear and let him go, day after day. And amazingly, I watched him grow and learn last year.

This year though was a different story for me. Yes, he had already been in school last year, but this year is just different. This is the real deal - the big shebang! And once again, I found myself struggling to let go, to relinquish my control and hand him over to another stranger. But I've done it and all is well so far. He's enjoying it and his teacher says he's a joy to have in class, which makes this mama proud!

I can't help but wonder if every year will be filled with this anxiety of letting go or will I become comfortable with my children heading off to school.

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