Thursday, September 3, 2009

Little Piggies!

I have a complete aversion to feet - I am more than grossed out about feet - I don't want feet to touch me - I'll be honest, I am not that thrilled when people wear sandals in public - I know it's weird!

But, when it comes down to little tiny baby piggies, all bets are off!!!

I was out walking with Victoria yesterday and I happen to look down and saw those adorable little piggies poking out from her strappy pink sandals, and I so wanted to scoop her up and kiss those piggies! Those chunky little toes that look like little stuffed sausages, all pretty with pink polish on them! There is just something so adorable about little piggies!

I remember when Trevor had those cute little toes ...we always called them "sausage toes" and I would pretend to eat them and he'd giggle and giggle. Of course, now that he is almost 6, his feet are no longer cute and are off limits! LOL!!

Before you know it, those little feet will take both my children away from our house and on to their own lives. It's hard to think about - not having the pitter patter of little feet under the roof - little feet running back and forth entirely too fast - little feet sneaking into things they shouldn't - little feet jumping for joy on Christmas morning....sigh....

I can only hope that one day those little feet I kissed will come back home carrying some little feet of their own and once again, I'll be able to love on some little piggies!

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