Saturday, September 12, 2009

Politicians could learn a thing or two from an Aspie kid....

Trevor never ceases to amaze me with the things he says. Having Aspergers, he notices everything around him, he listens to everything, he takes it all in, he is in essence a sponge. You may think he's not listening, but then a week later he'll speak of a conversation that he overheard you have, and you realize he was indeed listening. Never underestimate the brain of a child with Aspergers - they are incredibly smart. I wish I could take credit for it and say it was the hours upon hours of endless teaching I have done in the past 5.5 yrs, but I can't! LOL!! He's smart as he is thanks to having Aspergers and being able to retain so much information. I once read how kids with Aspergers are like a walking encyclopedia, and it's really apropos.

This morning Trevor asked me who the man was that was yelling at the President during his speech the other night. And I said, "Joe Wilson". And he said, "yes, why was he yelling at the President and not listening? That isn't very nice".

And there you have it!

A 5.5 yr old Aspie kid and he can recognize the importance of listening to the President speak and not being disrespectful.

Hey Joe Wilson - even my child knows when to be respectful to the President...perhaps you should take a lesson.

Imagine if we all just stopped and listened...really listened...instead of trying to impart our own agendas, instead of hearing only what we want to hear, instead of trying to spread fear and lies, what if we just listened respectfully? What a novel idea, huh?

Why is it that a mere 5 yr old knows how to behave better than a grown man? Maybe, politicians...heck, maybe everyone, could take a lesson from the kindergarten crowd and learn how to share again, learn to respect thy neighbor, learn how to play fair, learn how to be honest. Imagine how life would be if the rules we apply to our kindergartners were applied to all of us? Imagine if instead of taking out a gun and shooting our enemy, we had to talk it out, shake hands and be friends? Imagine if the worst thing we did required we be put in a time-out?

Why is it the older we get the less we follow the "rules" of being a good citizen?

The beauty of having an Aspie child is watching them take in the world around them, in a way that you or I can't do, and watch them figure things out that the rest of us can't. Maybe, just maybe they aren't the "different" ones...maybe we are ...maybe we have it all backwards...just some food for thought...

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