Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weekend Update

Ooops...I just noticed I haven't blogged all week long....shame on me....

It's been a crazy week to say the least! We had an interview for an apartment back in August and they told us that it would be this fall - the latest by the end of the year, that they'd have an opening for us. So imagine my surprise when we get a call Monday letting us know that they had some openings and they'd be calling us in a few days again to get things going. Silly me, I assumed that they meant for the first of October, but that wasn't the case. She called back a couple days later and asked if we could come in and sign the lease. Well, that just wasn't enough time to get the funds together, not to mention I wanted to give a months notice here, because that is the decent thing to do, though we don't have a lease anymore. So we had to decline for now, and are slated to take the next open apartment, which would be the first week of October. So I've given the landlord our months notice and have begun packing.

Victoria has spent 3 days this week at my mom's house, so that I could pack all day long. It's been a huge help to have that time to myself without little "helping" hands! LOL!!

And then on Friday, Trevor had another appointment with his psychiatrist up in Fort Kent. My sister came over and watched Victoria while mom and I took Trevor up to the doctor. It takes just about an hour and half to get there - our appointment was for 1pm - doctor didn't come to get us from the waiting room till 1:15pm - he was carrying two briefcases and a jacket, so I am assuming he was running late. So we talked and went over how things have been the past three weeks, he upped the new medication for Trevor, and before I knew it, he said the appointment was over at we drove 3 hours total for a 30 minute appointment. I like the doctor ok, but this traveling once a month for this is a bit much for me. I am hoping that come winter we can spread appointments out because traveling those "woodsy" roads in snow/ice/etc are not for me. I will not do it! So, as I said, he upped his medication by 1/2 milligram and we go back in a month to see how that has helped.

On the way home, Trevor was complaining about his pants falling down, so mom suggested he get a belt, to which he replied, "but my pants don't have belt sleeves"....omgosh I thought we'd die laughing....of course, we didn't laugh out loud as to not embarrass him or make him wonder why we thought it was funny, but the whole "belt sleeves" was hysterical. LOL!

Today we had another yard sale (tomorrow too) - we are hoping to get rid of as much junk as possible before we move. I do not, repeat, do not want to have to move any unnecessary junk to the new place. My other sister came and took Victoria at 7:45am, to make it easier on us having the sale. We did fairly well all things considered - hoping tomorrow is another good day. Vicky didn't get home till 4pm!

I have to say that I feel like I haven't seen Victoria all week.....I miss her!!! It's a week like this that I am glad that she wakes up and we bring her into our bed - I get to snuggle and love on her - she curls into a little ball and wraps herself up in my arms and we go back to sleep together. Someday she's going to be 15 and curling up and hanging out with mom isn't going to be cool, though I promise to fight like hell to keep our relationship one where she does feel like she can come to me and hang out with me.

So that has been our week - crazy I tell ya!!! And I am afraid that with a move in the near future, things are going to continue to be crazy for a while. I am just thankful we will move before winter is here - nothing worse than moving when it's 95 degrees out or -40 degrees...and I am glad that we are moving before Victoria's birthday - now we'll be able to have a little party at our new place, and if anyone wants to get her stuff to help decorate her new room, that will be cool!!! I can't believe I finally will get to decorate a little girls room!!! LOL!! It's been a long time coming!!!

Oh and before I end for tonight, I must say that Trevor has been in school almost a month now and he's had a green apple! I am so incredibly proud of how well he is doing!!!


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