Saturday, October 10, 2009

Scare for the day....

and to think Halloween is a few weeks away....sigh....

We were in the mall today and went to look at vacuums, per Trevor's request. Trevor turns the corner and admittedly we assume he's gone to the next aisle to look at the other ones. So we go around the corner and no Trevor...panic sets in...we look down and here comes Trevor, his hands over his mouth, his face red from fear, his eyes wet with could see the distraught and panic in his eyes...he was so scared he wasn't even seeing us though we were right ahead of him clear as day...and finally he heard us say his name...and he came running, collapsing against me crying.

In that one brief moment our whole world could have drastically changed forever....I shudder to even think about it...thoughts of little Adam Walsh race through my head...28 years ago he was taken from a Sears and murdered. I get goosebumps when I stop and think about the disaster that we could have been facing has to be one of a parents worst nightmares.

As Trevor was walking towards us, I saw a Sears employee staring at all of wasn't a look of was the look of me, I've become quite good at reading people....did she once stop to help him....nope she just glared at us....instead of judging us for doing what so many parents do on any given day...which is let their 5.5 yr old walk ahead of them in a store....and dare I even say, turn into the next aisle before them, stop and help the child you see wandering the store, hands over face, bawling his eyes out.

I remember when I was about that age, hiding in a rack of clothing when out shopping with my mom....when I came out and thought I had lost her, I remember the sheer panic in my little mind and's a paralyzing fear...I am so sorry lil buddy...sorry you had to even think for one second we were gone.....mommy loves you!

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