Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Victoria & The ENT

Victoria has been having sleep issues for quite a while now - she snores very loudly - and often during her sleep, she acts like she's stopped breathing - and then gasps for a breath. I took her to the doctor a few weeks ago and we found out that her tonsils are quite enlarged - nearly touching and her adenoids are huge and can be seen quite easily - normally they shouldn't be visible.

So the pediatrician referred us to an ENT to see about removing her tonsils and adenoids. Today we had the appointment!

Firstly, I should say we waited almost an hour to even be seen - how annoying to sit there waiting and waiting! Why do doctors do this? If you are late, they want to charge you and reschedule you, but if they are late, no one tells you and just expects you to sit there waiting for as long as it takes! GRRR!!!

Anyways, he took a look at her throat and nose and ears - said that while they are quite enlarged, there is still a tiny bit of room left. He will not do surgery on a child this age. If we want to pursue this, he will refer us down to Portland to see a Pediatric Specialist who will do the surgery on a child that age. And he can also send us down to Portland for a sleep study as well. So for three weeks, he's put her on Keflex (sp?) and Sudafed and saline wash, and we go back in 6 weeks. Then we can decide from there what we want to do. UGH!!

I haven't had a chance to talk to Karl yet, but I am leaning to taking her down to see the specialist and have the surgery. I want her to be able to sleep again - not just for my own sake, but most definitely for her own sake! She's not getting good sleep at all. I just can't believe once again we are faced with having to travel 5 hours each way to get the care we need!

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  1. I might be the exception to the rule, but I would wait it out. Marissa had her tonsils and adenoids removed in June, along with having her tongue clipped. We discovered the tonsil problem when she had her speech evaluation, and they recommended the tongue clipping so we had to see an ENT for that. We were blindsided about the tonsils and adenoids, but trusted him and went with it. When I started researching it, I realized that was probably her sleep problem. Marissa has NEVER slept. She is up no less then 5 times a night, and ends up in our bed most nights (and she will be 4 next week -- it has been a long 4 years). So she had the surgery and it was awful. Her recovery was tough -- she didn't understand why her throat hurt so bad. She stopped drinking so she ended up in the hospital dehydrated. It took a good 2.5 weeks for her to start feeling normal again. And her sleep issue has not changed. She is up just as much now as she was before the surgery. She still snores, still sleeps with her mouth open. The only thing that we noticed is that her speech has gotten better, and the doctor says that could be a combination of the tongue clipping and the tonsils being removed. Anyway, if she wouldn't have had the speech issue, I would have waited had I known that it wasn't going to benefit her at all. I'm not trying to tell you what to do by any means, but I am sharing my story with you that doesn't have the happy ending that I know you are looking for. Good luck!